R12 High Temperature Condensing Unit

R12 High Temperature Condensing Unit





  • Air cooled condensing units All units charged with dry nitrogen Pressure control included where listed below MCA and MFS ratings below denote Minimum Circuit Ampacity and Maximum Fuse Size Last letter in mfg. # designates unit features: A or K: no receiver, with power cord B: with receiver and power cord C: with receiver, power cord, and service valves S: no receiver, with service valves and power cord


Product Specifications

Length 16.0"
Height 8.9"
Suction Conn. 3/8 ODF
Max. Fuse Size 15
Liquid Conn. 1/4 ODF
BtuH Capacity @ 20°F Evap. 2450
Receiver Capacity Lbs. 2.5
BtuH Capacity @ 35°F Evap. 3,230
BtuH Capacity @ 30°F Evap. 2,970
BtuH Capacity @ 40°F Evap. 3,500
HP 1/3
Wt. Lbs. 42
Volts 115
Refrigerant R12
B/M 32G362-59S
BtuH Capacity @ 45°F Evap. 4350
Width 11.5"
BtuH Capacity @ 25°F Evap. 2,710
Compressor # AEA4440AXA
Min. Circuit Amps 9.1


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